Why does my website look so old?


Here are some reasons why.

The web is bloated

In a world of overdesigning and excessive emphasis on the graphical user experience, the internet has become massively bloated. How many times have you loaded up a website for it to look like this? Or what about this? (I don't condone swearing by the way).

Either way, "modern" websites have become an abomination. The original premise that websites should be distributed, accessible, and convey information effectively has been abandoned in favor of advertisements, bloat, and rampant censorship.

Self-sufficiency on the Internet

When I set out to create this website, I had two goals, the first of which was self-sufficiency. I own the VPS this is hosted on and set up the SSL certificate/nginx myself (with the help of some open source software). I write blog posts in HTML and upload them without the help of a static site generator.

Sure, I gain some functionality and save some time if I host my site with GitHub or use Wordpress as a backend for my blog. However, that comes at the cost of full control over my website. The miniscule time and cost investment is a small price to pay for actually owning your own things (Doesn't that sound ridiculous? Most people don't online).

Less is more

My second goal was a design goal: KISS, or, Keep It Simple, Smy friend. I'm a minimalist. I don't like owning branded T-shirts or physical papers. I don't even own a mouse! It doesn't make sense for me to over-engineer a simple static text-based website. I only load what I need, and I don't abuse Javascript like Google (see: Google Docs protected mode. How does even exist??).

If you're curious, check out the source code— of course, open source is essential for digital freedom. In terms of design, I took inspiration from these three websites (once again, I don't condone swearing). There's one more reason left as to why my website looks like this...

The final reason

I'm lazy and not very good at HTML/CSS.