What I've Been Studying: Attack of the Categories


Now that the institution of learning has temporarily ceased operation, I can finally get to studying academic material, which is what I wanted to do all along. Sadly school got in the way. I've seen people post what they've been learning online, not so much as something that others would be interested in, but rather as a time capsule and reflection of sorts. Which seemed like a mighty fine idea, hence this post. Here's what I've been studying over Thanksgiving break (more loosely, somewhat recently), now that I have no tedious homework or essays to write. The main topic was algebraic topology, as always.

Category Theory

As the title suggests, I've been brushing up on some category theory.

Algebraic Topology

Everything I learn is to aid my study of algebraic topology, of course, but here is the pure algebraic topology concepts I covered. The big development was reveiwing shaky foundations, including

Group Theory

Before UT, I thought I knew everything there was to know about groups. This turned out to be a horribly misinformed perception of reality.


Planned Learning

Detailed notes on every topic mentioned can be found here (or more generally, here).