Website Redesign

If you've been here before, you may have noticed the website redesign. The dark blue background and yellow text is gone, some links have been rearranged and others updated. One big change is a philosophical one: I've started to become more lenient on my war against web bloat, and actually loaded a font. I've even begun considering using basic Javascript! Sincere apologies to the children in Africa who can no longer visit my webpage.

This doesn't mean I've abandonded everything. The font is still open source, and loaded locally without some redirect to Google. No bloat like React or Node.js will ever touch this site either. I just wanted to freshen the room up a little bit. Hopefully the changes look nice, and things are still easy to get to. On my todo list, I need to better modify my blog writing script to my needs, as well as finding some way to stop using MathJax.

If anybody is interested, the font is mononoki, which I like a lot and use for my terminal emulator. The colors were generated by pywal off an image of a campfire, which is supposed to give a "cozy" feel. This is modular so the colors can and possibly will change at will.