Running Log: Bike Commuting

Date Location Time Distance
1/21 Apt to UT 30? min 11 km
1/21 UT to Apt
1/22 Apt to UT
1/22 UT to Apt

An update on my cycling progress. If you've been following my updates, last time I was talking about fixing up an old Schwinn world sport. I gave up on that, it was way too hard and not worth the investment. Instead, I got myself a new (used) bike, attached some lights, a kickstand, and we're ready to ride!

I've been bike commuting to campus the last couple of days, even though my in person class is no longer in person. It's nice to be back on the UT campus for a little bit, even though it's dead and nothing's happening. Seeing a provocative preacher arguing with some freshman (I assume) on Speedway reminds me of the good old megaphone BLB preacher at UNT, who was eventually replaced by a nicer man with a corgi.

The ride itself isn't too long, only thirty-ish minutes, but you also have to factor in the return route. Austin as a whole is a lot more bikeable than my hometown, there are bike lanes everywhere and the roads are quite nicely paved. Sometimes the bike lanes can be a detriment, like when I want to switch to the road because everyone leaves their trash cans in the bike lane. But I get afraid of the possibility of a car yelling at me, along the lines of "There's a bike lane right there, why don't you use it!!" So I just swerve around the trash cans.

I don't really know how cycling works, but I do know how running works. The general idea is to run a good amount each day, and slowly increase your miles per week. On weekends, you try for a long run, and spend Sunday resting (like intended) so you're ready to roll again when the week starts back up. As your miles go up, so does your base fitness level, which lets you run longer, and the positive feedback loop continues. Hopefully it works the same way for cycling, and I'll be able to join my old English professor (in spirit) on the century rides to the sun.