Race Report: TAMU Time Trial and 5k


Race Results

TAMU Time Trial and 5k, February 27, 2022.

Race Report


Not much to speak of, pretty much just spent the week recovering from last weeks half marathon. Also did a chilly ride to simulate the cold, since the expected temperature was something like 35 degrees.

The format of this race was a little bit confusing, I'll try to explain. First we did a 750y swim time trial, which determined start times for the race. Then we left in 10 second intervals, and the volunteers hand-timed us. To calculate overall time, start time was subtracted from finish (clock) time (this is the "total split" number above), then the swim TT time was added. This explains the lack of bike standing, run standing, transition time, etc.


I cleaned out the trunk of the car to make space for everyone's bags, loaded up the car and Reed's truck, and we were off to TAMU. We were promised a pasta dinner and I got scraps (nothing against the organizers we arrived late), so dinner was supplemented by a family meal chicken pasta from HEB. Thanks to the TAMU triathlon team for hosting us at one of their members apartments! We woke up race morning at 6:30; I had a banana and granola bar, then we drove to the race site and set up transition in the cold. Miraculously, the sun came out and it warmed up a couple of degrees to 40 ish.


The goal for the bike was to hold 190 watts, and I managed to hold (close to) that somewhat comfortably with an average power of 187 watts. I also didn't check the wind direction that day, and was hit in the face by an unexpected headwind at the turnaround; the ride home was not the best. On the bright side, I held off my teammate Jack for half the ride, which I didn't expect! (He killed it btw). I also passed many tri bikes which made me happy, and was only passed by one tri bike.

I fumbled through transition (had to sit down to put on my shoes), failed to follow basic instructions (did not follow the cones when I was told to follow the cones), and made it to the run.

I should have done more bricks before this, because running off the bike hurt. My heart rate was rising really fast, and my legs felt like jelly; I slowed the pace down and managed to calm myself down a little. The run was a scenic trail, but halfway through we were hit by literal rocks we had to run on, not the most fun. Stopped for water at the halfway point because I was so tired, and hung onto some girl from SMU who passed me earlier as a pacer. I saw the team at the finish line and charged to the finish.


The course turned out to be a little bit short (GPS says 11.3 mile bike and 3.05 mile run) so the numbers are slightly off, but the pace and power numbers should be right. We attempted to go to a post-race Fuzzys lunch but we were stopped by a massive line. We ended up getting Popeye's instead.

Not much else to say about this race. It was a fun tuneup race! Look forward to the Bevoman race report come 3/20.