John Nash's PhD Thesis


Recently I've been working on transcribing the PhD thesis of the legendary John Nash, titled "Non-cooperative games". As you may know, Nash is a famous mathematician who did work in differential geometry and PDE's, but most famously pioneered game theory. His most famous result is a concept called "Nash equilibrium", used widely in economics: it was so famous they even made a movie after him! (A Beautiful Mind, 2001).

His thesis was written in 1950, back when LaTeX wasn't a thing and people used typewriters and wrote out math by hand. I tried to find a LaTeX version of his thesis online to no avail, so I decided to transcribe it myself. It's helped me learn some game theory, while figuring out the details of formatting longer LaTeX documents.

However, my workarounds to certain typesetting dilemmas are kind of janky, and sometimes I'm not sure if something is correct or not. Pull requests are welcome, and you can view my progress here.