Books I've Read

Note: This post has been essentially replaced by this article (easier to edit).

I like reading books. My favorite author is Haruki Murakami (my favorite novel of his is 1Q84), my favorite poet is T. S. Eliot (oh how my hair grows thin), and I do a lot of my reading on a Kindle Oasis, which has no Amazon account linked and is always in airplane mode.

This is a (probably incomplete) list of books I've read, with the year I finished the book in parentheses. If I own a physical copy there will be a "P" in parentheses, and if I previously owned a physical copy (I often give away old books) there will be a "PO" instead. Note that I didn't necessarily enjoy every book here, but I did like the majority of them. Bolded books are highly recommended.

Currently Reading



Books I Own (but haven't read yet)