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Welcome to my personal website! I'm a sophomore at UT Austin, currently pursuing my undergrad degree in mathematics. I'm interested broadly in topology and geometry, and am currently studying simplicial homotopy theory for my DRP this semester. I'm also doing undergraduate research into the behaviour of stable commutator length for TXGL under Lvzhou Chen.

This Fall 2021 semester I am taking graduate algebra and algebraic geometry. I am also an undergraduate TA for M408K (differential calculus) with Nicholas Reyes. You can check out my coursework and lecture notes here.

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About me

Outside of math, some of my hobbies include reading, running, and owning less things. I also have a blog where I write about various topics, some math related and others not. Here is a list of some books that I've read. I also enjoy playing table tennis and writing with fancy pens.

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I also enjoy messing around with my linux configuration. I am a proponent of free software, and almost every program I use doesn't spy on me. In addition, I also host several things on this site, including a git server, a sear(x) engine, and an email server.

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